To wax or not to wax: that is the problem

Visiting the city with Val gives me a new idea to do something else I’ve never visited before: Madame Tussaud’s museum.

Why haven’t I gone there before? Because it’s really expensive. And in my mind it isn’t worth for the ticket price.
But this time I preferred to go ahead without any prejudice.

The ticket sill costs a bit, but taking it online you can have some dollars off.
Reading the ticket I should have access to see the museum, a 4D movie cinema and the “Scream”.

First of all: the wax museum.

Julia Roberts glossy

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Valerio is here

Airplane delay: 12 hours.

Weather for the first two days: heavy rain.

Quantity of medicines in the house now: high.

Situation of the room: a mess.

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