Dance dance

Time for musical at Cambridge: we chose to watch Footloose musical made by Cambridge students and it was very worth!

So in the morning I started with what in Italy we call “the champion’s breakfast”.

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A week after

I want to say thank you all to read this blog during last months.

I will try to keep it alive even after the New York experience with brand new stuff: new recipes are coming with some new pictures.

In a couple of days it will be available a new photo reportage of food from the Cambridgeshire. Waiting that I will leave you with last pictures from Italy, obviously about food:

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Wizard of laundry!

After my Mac departure I had a replacement: now I have an old Mac ( G4 ) to work with.
I cannot do more what I was doing but trying to get some docs waiting for my Mac back.

But… but… I am looking forward and learned how to make grocery and clean clothes in laundry. I mean, I know that wasn’t impossible, but I didn’t think to learn housekeeping so fast… Continua a leggere

Cornflakes for dinner?

Yesterday I cooked too much pasta: it was tasty. Better, it was awesome!
But, because I’m a kindly person I’ve offered some to my roomate: he accepted, ate pasta and then… got some milk with cornflakes. I know it’s blasphemy.
But he told his doctor orderd him to eat cornflakes often during the day.
I’m pretty sure his doctor is not a real medicine doctor.
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