From New York to (old) York

No, it is not a joke.

I really got to York, in United Kingdom, to visit it.
So from Cambridge taking the train you can reach York within two hours trip where you can have fun with some games.

Playing with Cluedo on the train - should be Gran Central train company...

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Let’s go Rangers!

I went with Val (this will be Valerio’s name from now) to a hockey match last week: the match was into Madison Square Garden stadium and it was a great show!

Tickets were a gift… and what a great gift!

Everything I can remember about is that it was a complete show.
Break? Kids entered the stadium and starting playing hockey.
Smoothing the ice? The screen showed messages from people and kids were on “ice-smoothing” truck saying hello… and so on.
We made a video of the match during Rangers first goal:

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It’s (about) Christmas in NYC!

If walking on your way you will find at Bryant Park, and try to guess what’s going on… well: it’s going to be Christmas and everything becomes crazy.

In particular people, running this or that shop to buy something for everybody.

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Air conditioning

I had few times to talk about air conditioning in this strange city. I still not have found a good reason to use all this power for air conditioning… is it to provide a continuos use of health insurance?

If outside is warm you can be sure inside a shop it’s going to be winter. And trust me, it’s not kidding, I’m serious: I have to go to the university with my heavy jacket.

But I don’t want to complain about this. I mean I want to, but I won’t. So let’s talk about something else.

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