One step forward

Starting from Rome I went to New York for a while, and came back, writing a new chapter in my life.

After the graduation I got a job in Italy and after an academic life – that kept me busy for at least 20 years – I started work. Continua a leggere


From New York to (old) York

No, it is not a joke.

I really got to York, in United Kingdom, to visit it.
So from Cambridge taking the train you can reach York within two hours trip where you can have fun with some games.

Playing with Cluedo on the train - should be Gran Central train company...

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From Wikipedia:

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.

During last months I collected more than 2 thousands pictures of U.S. and I was looking around a way to use them. So The idea of making a mosaics with them came to me.

The problem with this kind of composition is the right measuring of every tile: to have a good mosaic usually it takes about thousands and thousands of pictures. Continua a leggere

To wax or not to wax: that is the problem

Visiting the city with Val gives me a new idea to do something else I’ve never visited before: Madame Tussaud’s museum.

Why haven’t I gone there before? Because it’s really expensive. And in my mind it isn’t worth for the ticket price.
But this time I preferred to go ahead without any prejudice.

The ticket sill costs a bit, but taking it online you can have some dollars off.
Reading the ticket I should have access to see the museum, a 4D movie cinema and the “Scream”.

First of all: the wax museum.

Julia Roberts glossy

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Blowing in the wind…

I was walking in Times Square, without any place to reach – or maybe I was looking for a Starbucks – and I found the Wired Store.


It’s a sort of Epiphany for people who like hi-tech…

I found the Lytro Camera and I tryed it: it is a revolution.

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