Almost a week

My first week of work has gone.
Actually I like the place where I am and also people who are there.

Rain in Cambridge

Rain in Cambridge (Photo credit: SoStark)

First of all I can go to work walking and it takes just 15 minutes!
In Rome I drove 90 minutes at least each day and drive after work it is not nice at all!

Then, here it rains most of the time: fortunately it stops when I go to work and when I come back – I’m serious… – but it still sucks having a cloudy sky outside while working.

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UniromaTre Tutoring

Cosa fa un Tutor di Ingegneria di RomaTre?
Un tutor deve essere un supporto agli studenti che hanno avuto debiti OFA, cioè debiti riguardanti la prova di ammissione per la facoltà di Ingegneria.
Il test riguarda la preparazione matematica: a supporto sono presenti una lavagna interattiva ed un sito forum su internet di supporto
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Ricetta da un padre gay di una tripletta di figli…

Few things that apply to any endeavor of

  • You never know what the future is going to bring. So stop
    predicting your own failure
    . Your job is to take the next indicated step
    in front of you. Shorten your horizon. One day at a time. Don’t think
    beyond these eight hours, unless you have to for logistical purposes. On
    your worst days, get through it one hour at a time.
  • Don’t force your will on every situation. Don’t think that you have
    to drive every pitch and every product to success. It could well be
    that the investor who says no was going to be your worst nightmare. And
    it could be that the obstacle that kept you from launching the product
    you were obsessed with gave rise to a better idea and transformed your
    business. A larger intelligence than your own may be at work: Let it do
    some of the heavy lifting. Its imagination may be infinitely more
    creative than your own. Steve Jobs didn’t invent the iPod. Someone
    brought it to him.
  • Don’t let your feelings interfere with your commitment. You may not
    “feel” like going out and making another pitch. You may feel too
    depressed to draft the next iteration of the business plan. But what
    difference do your feelings make? Do what you have to do regardless of
    how you feel about it.
  • Lean on your partners. Don’t be afraid to tell them when you’re
    having a bad day, or when you feel like giving up, or feel like a loser,
    or are in a state of total despair. Feelings are temporary. They’re
    unstable. They pass. And they pass much more quickly when they’re

And last but not least, when you’re having a personal crisis, a
cardiologist isn’t the worst person you could see.

Dan Pallotta – Lessons in Entrepreneurship from a Gay Father of Triplets