Planning to buy an iPhone app? Wait a second…

Due to a travel in Italy where I rented a can I had the need to buy the TomTom app for navigation: looking on the App Store in two different days the app had two different prices…

TomTom International iPhone App

TomTom International iPhone App (Photo credit: Photo Giddy)

Was it an offer? Maybe.
Have a look to this article I wrote (sorry guys but it is on another blog…).


Something on Broadway

This time I’m going to talk about a movie. Just few words because it was a really bad movie.

So I want everybody knows that it is something you shouldn’t pay for.

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Everybody iPhones!

This is a new episode from New York. Please sit down and read slowly, it’s for your safe.

Week ended and I learned some new stuff: how to use laundry without destroy clothes, how to cook without destroy the house and how to gently ask the roomate to stop download all the whole day without destroy him.
I’m not saying I’m a new man, but now I can do few things more than before. Continua a leggere