The “others”

Everybody knows about the legendary rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge, that’s why we decided to go for a weekend to Oxford: know your enemy! 🙂

The bus from Cambridge takes about 3 hours and a half to get in Oxford: the problem is that the way to Oxford pass through Milton Keynes, one of the most famous places in the world for its several roundabouts. Continua a leggere


A whole sunny day in UK

Perhaps it sounds a bit silly, but I got sun burned in this country.

But, first of all, we found a beach that is worth in England, and more, close to Cambridge within a day when the weather has been very good. Continua a leggere

Almost a week

My first week of work has gone.
Actually I like the place where I am and also people who are there.

Rain in Cambridge

Rain in Cambridge (Photo credit: SoStark)

First of all I can go to work walking and it takes just 15 minutes!
In Rome I drove 90 minutes at least each day and drive after work it is not nice at all!

Then, here it rains most of the time: fortunately it stops when I go to work and when I come back – I’m serious… – but it still sucks having a cloudy sky outside while working.

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Just a bite (of Cambridge)

Once in Italy, after six months in United States, it was a bit strange to stay in a place where everybody can understand what I say…

Too weird.

"I cannot pretend to feel impartial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns." - W.Churchill

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