Concerts and Porchetta

This last has been a very busy week: every day coming home so tired and thinking what to write on this blog…

Then I login on WordPress and what? They changed one time again the interface.
Ok, that’s not a big change but it can’t change every months…

And now serious things: I wrote about concerts.

I have been to a concert of a NYU PhDs’ band (the Zvoov) and here you can find their site.
I found on Youtube a short video with their last song: Continua a leggere



Irene is gone and today New York was so warm and sunny.

The subway was full working this morning and there aren’t any particular damages to the city. Probably some tree is fallen, but very few

What Irene left is water: lot of basements were flooded.
So probably today they shutdown fountains in parks. I guess. I hope. Continua a leggere