Council Tax: the Italian map

There’s a big discussion this period in the Italian Parliament about the Council tax whether it should be abolished either completely or for a subset of people.

Starting from some data, shown by the national newspaper ““, me and Francesca wondered about having a nicer and simpler way to show a huge table of 88 pages.
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A spicy journey

This time I will talk about Hungary, but not the entire country, just its capital city Budapest – and it’s food, like paprika, as you might easily guess from the title.

Just a couple of weeks ago we went to that wonderful city: there is a direct flight from Stansted to Budapest, quite cheap, and it takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes… Enough to take it in the morning and have a Magyar meal for lunch.

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Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor

No, I’m not talking about any revolution in the Italian Parliament.
I wish I could but that’s not the case, even because we are under elections and we have the vote soon – if the AIRE let’s us vote of course…

I’m talking about the place where the Robin Hood folklorist ballad took place: Nottingham – or the so-called “Shottingham” in UK…

We went there few months ago, in October of the last year, for a couple of days to have a look at this nice city.

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