It’s Carnival time!

Last week it came the Carnival in UK.

Yes, no kidding: last week of August in London there is the Notthing Hill Carnival.
My Lonely Planet guide says it is one of the most important Carnival of the world, maybe only second to the Rio de Janeiro one.

I like Lonely Planet guide hints, I did buy a lot of them, but sometimes they’re terribly wrong.

Maybe the sentence wasn’t complete: that is the second biggest carnival in the world out of all rainy countries like England.

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Bumps in Cambridge

That’s the event in this period in Cambridge: at the end of the term all people go to see bumps at the river.

Every college has its own team, often more than a couple, to race and all students go and camp near the river to watch his team trying to ‘bump’ other boats. Continua a leggere

A week after

I want to say thank you all to read this blog during last months.

I will try to keep it alive even after the New York experience with brand new stuff: new recipes are coming with some new pictures.

In a couple of days it will be available a new photo reportage of food from the Cambridgeshire. Waiting that I will leave you with last pictures from Italy, obviously about food:

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Thanksgiving and all the food that matter

Everybody probably is thinking about the turkey for this holiday: and yes, there a turkey.

But not in the way you can think about it for this event: I had a Thanksgiving with a family but they said me that they prepare all slices from the turkey because it’s more “pratical” in this way.

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