Cambridge’s Restaurant

In this page Francesca and I are going to collect some reviews of restaurants from Cambridge: each restaurant in the page has been tried at least once by us and rated.


Turkish restaurant

The meal started not so well with a fish starter straight from the freezer: I’m not expecting fresh fish in Cambridge but neither a fish fingers starter from supermarket…
Then we passed to the main course with a bit of bias that change by 180 degree after tasting the meat: that was really a good piece of food.
More, the dessert was a pistachio-based dessert with an bit of honey. Not so bad.


Marco: 7.5
Francesca: 6.5


italian-spanish restaurant

Went to this place mainly for a Flamenco night show.
Started with a ‘one-person‘ shared starter – humus, olives, pita and aubergines – followed by two excellent main courses.
Francesca had some concerns about the paprika on the fries and the bucket of mayo and garlic.
I would consider a cons about the almond cookie asked as dessert: was a cookie still in the plastic wrap you could buy in the supermarket… at least open the wrap!


Marco: 8.0
Francesca: 7.5


“wine-driven” restaurant

As stated in the tag above, this restaurant is mainly a wine place: I was told the owner of the restaurant produces his own wine, so it decided to open the restaurant to accomplish his love for wine with the one for food.
Mainly british style food, well cooked and presented.
The place has also a nice environment, but seats are a bit packed.


Marco: 7.5
Francesca: TBA


asian fusion restaurant

Pretty famous Asian fusion restaurant in Cambridge: lot of people just love it and there is most of the time plenty of people.
Even with this introduction we tried a Japanese and Thailand dishes without any impressive result about that. A good note is that course size is huge compared to the prize of the dish.
Maybe that’s the reason of such popularity?


Marco: 6.5
Francesca: 7.0


turkish restaurant

After have been to Anatolia we where curious about this Efes restaurant, who seems to be the oldest Turkish restaurant in Cambridge. We also received good reviews about it.
Here we had a really nice starters and the environment was pretty nice, much prettier than the other. With the main course we had some concerns about the meat: the course was good even if not great. The meat was not tasteful as we expected at this make fall our reviews.


Marco: 7.5
Francesca: 7.0


british-italian-ish restaurant

Jamie Oliver is famous all over UK for his italian-style food and because of that it became a brand itself for any kind of supply you may need in the kitchen.
Said that, the restaurant is located in a beautiful building with a wonderful dome and open-plan kitchens. Before you get your meal it’s quite inevitable to stay a bit of time in the bar where you can take a glass of wine while waiting for a table: because of that it’s kindly suggested a reservation to avoid a long night spent in the bar.
Starting with the bar, let’s say that the wine in not good at all, and expensive too.
The meal wasn’t so impressive, even if the presentation of dishes is pretty inspired from ’60s movie settled in the south of Italy.


Marco: 6.0
Francesca: 6.0


mexican restaurant

Curious about the Mexican cuisine we tried this restaurant: it’s on bridge street, in front of the main plaza with the river view on one side. It’s often crowded so we hoped it was a good deal and quality as well…
The experience has been horrible: we asked a ‘do it yourself‘ burritos with beef and what we received was a bundle of ingredients with 10% of beef and 90% onions.
To be honest we should say that we both hate onions, but definitely it was too much…


Marco: 5.0
Francesca: 3.0


french restaurant

To try this restaurant it took a while: the restaurant is often packed and you need to reserve in advance.
Once booked, just a couple of hours in advance, we tried this “posh” French restaurant.
Nice starters with good wine in a very nice room: also the service was impeccable.
Happy about this starting we asked for some mussels as main course and here it comes the issue: the mussels were definitely not good at all. They were not bad, but just tasteless, something you would expect from a “first class” restaurant.
Another thing was about the tip, too high and set by default in the bill.


Marco: 7.0
Francesca: 8.25


french restaurant

Tiny restaurant close to the station area: not so much to say honestly.
The service has not been so nice, and when Francesca asked to leave a couple of ingredients in a plate the waitress has not been so keen to do so.


Marco: 6.5
Francesca: 6.0


italian restaurant/cafè

Very nice lunch restaurant, known most as a cafè, in the center mall of Cambridge.
The service is very nice and they have many particular Italian courses: their ravioli with walnut sauce it’s great.
The strange thing is that all non-italian people we talked about this place didn’t know it was a restaurant.


Marco: 8.0
Francesca: 7.5


“junk food” restaurant

Also known as ‘”the place to go when you’re drunk after midnight“.
It’s a sort of myth in Cambridge and everybody did try his fish and chips or burgers at least once. As expected the quality is not good but it’s very cheap.


Marco: 5.0
Francesca: 4.5


chinese restaurant

After several good reviews from Chinese friends about this place we gave it a try: it was really worth. The food was very good, and the medium spiciness of meals was pretty high, like all friends confirmed to be: in fact we were the only non-Chinese people.


Marco: 7.0
Francesca: 7.0


italian restaurant

The service was not great, mostly because the waitress we got was a bit unkind and impolite.
The portions were not very big and the ravioli were much worse than those you can buy in Sainsbury’s.
Some of my friends got a pizza and they said it was good (but they are not italians…;) ). On the good side, at least the restaurant has a real wood-burning oven. Prices below average and you can find coupons on internet to get 25% discount.


Marco: TBA
Francesca: 6.5

More, there is a customized map of Cambridge shown below with all reviewed restaurants.


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