Planning to buy an iPhone app? Wait a second…

Due to a travel in Italy where I rented a can I had the need to buy the TomTom app for navigation: looking on the App Store in two different days the app had two different prices…

TomTom International iPhone App

TomTom International iPhone App (Photo credit: Photo Giddy)

Was it an offer? Maybe.
Have a look to this article I wrote (sorry guys but it is on another blog…).


Council Tax: the Italian map

There’s a big discussion this period in the Italian Parliament about the Council tax whether it should be abolished either completely or for a subset of people.

Starting from some data, shown by the national newspaper ““, me and Francesca wondered about having a nicer and simpler way to show a huge table of 88 pages.
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A spicy journey

This time I will talk about Hungary, but not the entire country, just its capital city Budapest – and it’s food, like paprika, as you might easily guess from the title.

Just a couple of weeks ago we went to that wonderful city: there is a direct flight from Stansted to Budapest, quite cheap, and it takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes… Enough to take it in the morning and have a Magyar meal for lunch.

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Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor

No, I’m not talking about any revolution in the Italian Parliament.
I wish I could but that’s not the case, even because we are under elections and we have the vote soon – if the AIRE let’s us vote of course…

I’m talking about the place where the Robin Hood folklorist ballad took place: Nottingham – or the so-called “Shottingham” in UK…

We went there few months ago, in October of the last year, for a couple of days to have a look at this nice city.

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The “others”

Everybody knows about the legendary rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge, that’s why we decided to go for a weekend to Oxford: know your enemy! 🙂

The bus from Cambridge takes about 3 hours and a half to get in Oxford: the problem is that the way to Oxford pass through Milton Keynes, one of the most famous places in the world for its several roundabouts. Continua a leggere

It’s Carnival time!

Last week it came the Carnival in UK.

Yes, no kidding: last week of August in London there is the Notthing Hill Carnival.
My Lonely Planet guide says it is one of the most important Carnival of the world, maybe only second to the Rio de Janeiro one.

I like Lonely Planet guide hints, I did buy a lot of them, but sometimes they’re terribly wrong.

Maybe the sentence wasn’t complete: that is the second biggest carnival in the world out of all rainy countries like England.

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