Council Tax: the Italian map

There’s a big discussion this period in the Italian Parliament about the Council tax whether it should be abolished either completely or for a subset of people.

Starting from some data, shown by the national newspaper ““, me and Francesca wondered about having a nicer and simpler way to show a huge table of 88 pages.
Unfortunately that data was in PDF – why people still think PDF is a good format to share data?! – so we parsed the file and create something easier to use (Excel, csv…), cleaned the data and used it to map Italy town by town!

And we created the followings infographic:

  • This is the data about the (average) council tax paid for the first house in Italy – town by town
    IMU Prima Casa
  • the next one is the rest of the tax (still average) paid on all the other buildings (houses after the first one, industrial buildings and so on)
    IMU altri immobili

Click on images to have a look to each interactive visualization and find your town.



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