A spicy journey

This time I will talk about Hungary, but not the entire country, just its capital city Budapest – and it’s food, like paprika, as you might easily guess from the title.

Just a couple of weeks ago we went to that wonderful city: there is a direct flight from Stansted to Budapest, quite cheap, and it takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes… Enough to take it in the morning and have a Magyar meal for lunch.

As you could imagine Budapest is rich of history and architecture, even if during the second World War the city has been a target of many bombing raids, many buildings have been rebuilt.

Must-see monuments of the city are the Parliament, the Basilica (of St. Stephan), the Royal Palace and the Heroes Square, all of them shown in the galley below:

As you see, unfortunately, the weather didn’t help and it rained for 2 days out of our 3 we had to spend in the city, so all pictures have that grey-ish colour…

What did surprise us was that everybody younger than 40 speaks almost a perfect english: that is great when you walk through the city and get lost… We though it was a big city but then realized the Budapest is quite small compared to a capital city on the west side of Europe, so you can walk instead of using public transports.

More, the city is insanely cheap compared to UK: an expensive meal could cost at most 15 £ per person and the food it’s really great.
Public transports work very well and there are 5 lines of metro: we took the yellow line – which looks more a touristic line – to go at the Opera and it was like going at least 30 years back, a train of 4 tiny wagons came and brought us to destination, that fortunately was just over the station because we were a bit late…
By the way, we arrived there and took place to our fancy seats – paid 3 £ each…
This was the view from my seat:

This instead was the view from Francesca’s place – where I rapidly moved just after the light turned off:

What else? If you didn’t know Budapest is the “capital of Thermal Baths”: there a plenty of places where to go to relax yourself.
We went to one of them, called Lukacs Bath, discovering than that was pretty famous: the place was amazing and the experience to stay in an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi, warm water, while raining on you could be the right image to describe it.

Unfortunately we had only 3 days to visit this beautiful city, at least it helped us to return relaxed and satisfied in UK…

P.S. Finding then a new printer in the Triangle, with new cartridge helped it more the satisfaction sensation…



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