Time ago there was “the Italian Man who went to Malta”

But today reading a document from an official UK istitution I found these on a flyer about a travel in Rome:

Some Words of Caution

1. When waiting for a taxi do not be tempted by one of the touts who will offer to help you jump the queue.

2. When paying a taxi driver BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know the denomination of the note you are giving him. An unscrupulous driver may insist that you gave him a €10 note instead of a €50 or a €5 instead of a €20.

3. When walking around the city, ensure that your wallet and ID documents are not easily accessible to pickpockets.

4. When making purchases from shops or bars, you must retain the receipt until you are well away from the premises in the unlikely event of a spot check by police.

5. Official identification bearing a photograph must be carried at all times.

It’s all about stereotypes: I cannot image a person with problems in the situations 4. and 5.


One thought on “Stereotypes


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