The “others”

Everybody knows about the legendary rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge, that’s why we decided to go for a weekend to Oxford: know your enemy! 🙂

The bus from Cambridge takes about 3 hours and a half to get in Oxford: the problem is that the way to Oxford pass through Milton Keynes, one of the most famous places in the world for its several roundabouts.

Arrived in Oxford, we were so happy to jump out of the coach that even the cold wasn’t that bad – and it was cold for sure…
Once the happiness of being out of the coach calmed down and the coldness started to be too much we realize that have a walk in a closed and covered place, like a museum, could be a good idea: the Natural History Museum was the only candidate with its dinosaur skeleton reconstructions… unfortunately the dinosaurs room was closed due to maintenance.

In the meanwhile the moon swapped with the sun and so it was night when we exited the museum: time to have a quick rest, a dinner and of course a beer before going to sleep.
For the dinner, and the following beer, we chose the “The Turf Tavern“, a nice pub with several local beers and of course one of “the best” fish and chips of the town.

The next day I took my camera with me to document everything we were going to see, starting from what was around during the walk to get to the college and, of course, to the breakfast.

This the “Exeter College“, one of the colleges in the centre of Oxford:

Because the weather was getting worse we decided to go then to another museum to stay for a while, with the hope that it could get better in the while.

Have a look on the bottom left of the note…

After the museum, because it was still cold and it was a bit early for the coach, we took a last coffee/cappuccino in Oxford and went to the bus station for the Cambridge return.



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