It’s Carnival time!

Last week it came the Carnival in UK.

Yes, no kidding: last week of August in London there is the Notthing Hill Carnival.
My Lonely Planet guide says it is one of the most important Carnival of the world, maybe only second to the Rio de Janeiro one.

I like Lonely Planet guide hints, I did buy a lot of them, but sometimes they’re terribly wrong.

Maybe the sentence wasn’t complete: that is the second biggest carnival in the world out of all rainy countries like England.

The Carnival is not that big as described: there are a lot of people, there are many many music hotspot during the walk but… the parade was quite small.

There are town festivals in Italy with parades three times big the Carnival parade, really.

Anyway we were in London, so I spent some time taking some pictures:

For more pictures, have a look in the side bar, where should be the Flickr bar. 😉

P.S. The experience I enjoyed most that day was Camden Town, returning from the Carnival…


One thought on “It’s Carnival time!

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