To wax or not to wax: that is the problem

Visiting the city with Val gives me a new idea to do something else I’ve never visited before: Madame Tussaud’s museum.

Why haven’t I gone there before? Because it’s really expensive. And in my mind it isn’t worth for the ticket price.
But this time I preferred to go ahead without any prejudice.

The ticket sill costs a bit, but taking it online you can have some dollars off.
Reading the ticket I should have access to see the museum, a 4D movie cinema and the “Scream”.

First of all: the wax museum.

Julia Roberts glossy

As you can see the statue is glossy.
But the problem is that they shoot an tons of light against them!

The visit starts with a party on the last floor of the museum, then going down you will pass thru the “Scream” and watch the 4D movie.

Two words about the “Scream”: it sucks.
It should be a “horror way” but I haven’t found anything so scary: there are few actors inside with horror costumes hidden in the dark who come out to touch you while walking. But the way is too short so you have very few chances to “be touched”.
If you are not scary about horror movie no problem. And even if you are in my opinion…

What about 4D Movie?
The movie is “Polar Express” in 3D with more effects like snow, water or wind during the show. Sometimes during the show you can even smell chocolate or tea.

After the movie? There are more rooms for sports and music celebrities.

It is not what it looks: I wasn't stealing Bob's guitar...

So now, is it worth?
Maybe if you have never seen a wax museum (like me) it is, otherwise you could keep your money for something better in NYC.



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