It’s (about) Christmas in NYC!

If walking on your way you will find at Bryant Park, and try to guess what’s going on… well: it’s going to be Christmas and everything becomes crazy.

In particular people, running this or that shop to buy something for everybody.

And what could be in the middle of this craziness?
An ice-skating platform of course!

So, after a walk in this crowded park I decided that’s time to go in some easy place… like the Rockefeller Center. (?!)
So while walking in between of 42nd and 47th street you may find giant balls like those:

But the best is coming, because once arrived at the Rockefeller Center that’s the place you will have:

And, I know, there was not in the picture the Prometheus statue, because the line you see on steps was the one to get on the ice platform, so it was hard to get there. But I found a nice replacement for this lack:



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