Blowing in the wind…

I was walking in Times Square, without any place to reach – or maybe I was looking for a Starbucks – and I found the Wired Store.


It’s a sort of Epiphany for people who like hi-tech…

I found the Lytro Camera and I tryed it: it is a revolution.

I don’t know exactly the theory behind, and the use of form factor it is not the best one in my opinion but the application is great.
Take a look at the Lytro Gallery or at the following video to have an idea of what it is going to happen with this device:

But there wasn’t just the Lytro Camera – even if it was the thing I liked best -, so there was any sort of hi-tech stuff and, why not, even a car too.
A Buick.
Don’t remember the model, but you could take a “trip” inside the “Buick Human Wind Tunnel” and this was mine:

I know, I don’t look too smart in the picture. But it was a cool experience!

And after that, let’s go to the “Nintendo World” at the Rockefeller Centre!

And after that: back to home.
Next time will show you Bryan Park and the Rockefeller Plaza with the Ice-skate platform. 😉
But before of that, let me say you “See you” with this picture:



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