Concerts and Porchetta

This last has been a very busy week: every day coming home so tired and thinking what to write on this blog…

Then I login on WordPress and what? They changed one time again the interface.
Ok, that’s not a big change but it can’t change every months…

And now serious things: I wrote about concerts.

I have been to a concert of a NYU PhDs’ band (the Zvoov) and here you can find their site.
I found on Youtube a short video with their last song:

And here some picture of the event, performed at the Union Pool (Brooklyn, New York):

The location was pretty nice, even if it was too small in my opinion.
Other bands played “electronic” music: I didn’t like them but that band sounds more like Metallica so it was more enjoyable for me.
But I wrote “concertS”, so the other one has been the a “formal one”: the NYU Symphony Orchestra in St. Joseph church.
It has been amazing: the orchestra was very good and enjoy the concert from balcony was  great. I hadn’t my camera with me, and I didn’t find any picture about that event on Internet.

And now… last but not least is Porchetta!
So, probably you’re asking yourself why I’m talking about it in New York.
Because I found a place where they sell a real porchetta in the big Apple: it doesn’t come from Ariccia, but it was worth to taste it.

Be careful: it costs like gold and it is a good imitation of the original, but it is not “the one”.



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