Run Forrest Run

This is not a post on the Bubba Gump restaurant, even if it is worth to go there.
But that’s another story…

Scene from Bubba Gump

This is a post on the New York City Marathon, and the guy who ran for 20 km to take some pictures of the competition.

The wheather was awesome: perfect for the marathon.

I can’t say if there was more people on the street side or running in the marathon: in both cases it was crowded.

Jazz session during the Marathon

While Mutai arrived to the goal, I was still sleeping: on the 4th hour of marathon I went out to see how it was going on… and this is what I found:

So I thought I was still sleeping and went back home to finish the dream…
Ok. Just kidding.

But I followed people going to Central Park to see the goal: I should get the subway but I thought I was able to do 20 km… it was a huge mistake!
After 3 hours there I decided to come back home.

P.S. As usual see my gallery on Picasa. 😉



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