F.A.Q. on NYC for an Italian guy

Some of the most frequent asked questions to an italian guy living in New York by Italians.

  • Is New York a clean city?
    No, it is not al all. And there is everywhere a bad smell. (Not kidding)
  • Do you eat at McDonalds every day for lunch/dinner?
    No, I cook by myself.

  • Is it expensive to live there?
    1. A room in New York costs more than 800$/month.
      A room, not the apartment.
      Utilities not included.
      You can find cheaper room in Brooklyn or less closer from Manhattan.
    2. The MetroCard for 30 days is 104 $: it’s not a month, but exactly 30 days.
    3. Groceries…
    4. Laundry is about 3$ per week…
    5. Good restaurants are very expensive: at least 25$ for a lunch with tip.
      And no, you can not avoid the tip (about ~15% of the check).
  • But… is there any discount for students?
    Sure. But if you are a 65 years old student you get better.
    There is often a discount for seniors (> 65 years old) and there is sometime a discount for student.
  • Are taxes low in US?
    Taxes depend from Federal Government, State and City.
    I don’t know how much is Federal taxes, but New York State and New York city taxes are, together, about 9% of the price.
    And on every receipt you have how much is it.
  • Is McDonald’s cheap?
    Like every other fast food: Burger King, Checkers, KFC…
    Tip: KFC have good deals at late night (~9-10 p.m.)
  • Is it true that anybody have an iPhone?
    Yes. If they haven’t an iPhone probably they have an iPad or an iPod. At list a Kindle or an Android/Blackberry smartphone.
  • Are you taking pictures?
    Yes, this is my Picasa Album still in progress…
  • How is public transport there?
    Awesome. There is a subway for almost every point of the city.
    And if there is not a station in the location you need there always a slow – because of the traffic – bus ready for you!
  • Are these real questions people made to you?
    Yes, they are.


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