Groceries or Restaurant?

This week I’ve been hill as you know so I haven’t any trip.

But just the day before yesterday I decided to make a Tiramisù cake to enjoy some kind of sweet I can eat.
I love Walker Shortbread too, but they are very expensive and people think that they are not healthy… I swear, people eat fries twice a day but think a cookie can be not healthy.

Day 150: May 30, 2010

Image by Elizabeth Thomsen via Flickr

First step: buy ingredients.

Whole Foods Market

Image via Wikipedia

So I went to one of the biggest market in New York: Whole Food Markets.

Result? I found Lavazza coffee and Walker Shortbread.
Why? Because the idea of a “good” market here is to buy “organic” ready-to-eat food. And I love Shortbread.

More choice you have about cooked food better is the market for them: don’t think they have so many meals… it’s like the Ikea diner room. No more.
All other choices of market are considered very bad by yorkers…

I changed market for a small one but it seemed to be more “market” and less “market restaurant”: I found nothing.

So, after changing 2 markets and taking 2 subways I decided to go to a market brand I knew I could find every ingredients I needed: now it’s not so close to my new house but it was worth: in 10 minutes I got everything I needed.

My advice.
If you want to buy ingredients and cook on your own go to these store: Key Food, Pioneer.
If you are lazy, like americans, go to Whole Foods Market: actually there are two of them very crowded (but nice) at Union Square and at the Lincoln Center.



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