9/11 Memorial

Like you could see I took some picture from the 9/11 Memorial: the complex that U.S. government is building in the place of the Twin Tower.

9/11 Memorial

Actually it is not complete yet but they decided to open the Memorial to let people see at least what they’re doing. The pools are done, and it is what you can see in the picture, but there still are many other thing to end: on the borders of the complex of the pools there are the names of all people who died in the terrorist attack that day (Pentagon, United 93) and the 6 victims of the very first terrorist attack at the Twin Towers 20 years ago, in 1993.

There are computer locations close to the pools to let you search of a particular victim of the attack and print to you a map to go there.

What I really liked about this memorial was the choice to open to the public also if they are working on it. It is like a sort of public “check” for the work they’re making and also a way to say “Don’t worry, we didn’t forget abou them”, in my opinion.

Just next to the ufficial memorial there is another one, built on a wall of a fire department engine:

The 9/11 Memorial is free and just opened 12nd September of this year: to go there you need to book online on the official site a day in advance and go there for the time scheduled.


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