Something on Broadway

This time I’m going to talk about a movie. Just few words because it was a really bad movie.

So I want everybody knows that it is something you shouldn’t pay for.

Surely a story as elementary and essentially derivative as this one could be told in less than 127 minutes.


Do you want to know what is the subject of the movie?
Trust me, you shouldn’t. What I can do about it is that I agree with the quote.

The trailer is almost all the movie: you have just to put images in the right time location and you could get a better movie.

But I went the theater just to try the “IMAX” experience, I thought it was in 3D and when I was there there I went back asking for a 3d-glasses but surprise: IMAX movie means plain 2D movie on IMAX screen. Ok, it’s nicer, but it is definetly not worth for 19 $!!!

So I was there and I went to the Apple store just on the other side of the street and this is what I found:

I’m sorry for the music, but I preferred to cover to the noise of the people walking around.
Probably with an iPhone I could take a better video… but I had just my old Nokia and it stopped after 30 secs because there was not more memory.

Goodbye Steve



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