Time to move

Today is the day before the storm. Tomorrow is coming and I will move from here to an another room in the city.
This time in Manhattan: well, I hope it will be an improvement from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

A picture from the MiniManhattan portfolio on Flickr

And this sign is right: find the room hasn’t been so easy: in New York you need lucky to find a good place to stay.
Once for the place itself. Another time for the owner of the place…
I will be here still for four month and I gave almost everything in these first two: an hurricane, earthquake, financial crysis, tropical storm, bad roomate, crazy owner of the apartment…

P.S. Next week I promise I will write down about Boston travel. 😛


2 thoughts on “Time to move

  1. Il commento doveva essere: mancano solo gli alieni…ma evidentemente puoi stare ancora tranquillo per un pò…devono essere nella tastiera del mio iPad!!!!


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