Laws of New York

  1. Everything taste sweet in America. I mean with a taste of sugar.
  2. I burn almost everything in the pan.
    • At all when the cooker is on.
  3. Then you should understand what they say and it is not always so easy.
  4. There are people who don’t speak english.
    • And they have always been from here since birth.
  5. Weather is important. It could be sunny or rain like a storm in the same day.
  6. People sell everything.
    • Even you. Check the price back.
  7. They work # hours in a week, not # hours a day.
    • Doesn’t matter if they work 20 hours in a day and 4 in the next.They see the week.
  8. If it fits, they will mix chocolate inside.
  9. After “what you need?” the question is always “what is your budget?”
  10. Officiers are like ninjas.
    • 2 minutes to pay parking.
    • Or 30 days to pay ticket.

Remember laws or you'll become like the frozen squirtle (it is still frozen)


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