Old week, New room, Same weather

Now I have a whole room for me.
It’s like an half of the one I were before, but now it’s just mine.

Probably it’s because I’m new for living out home but for what I saw it’s always a mess to share a room with somebody else. Even if you know who is.
Guess there are exceptions, but not this time.

All the week was plain, no special news from here. After Irene everything became “normal”.

Also the guy who tried to sell you his CDs, so to show how awesome he is, got started for a rap free-style. It was in the center of the park where I was eating… And didn’t have any to buy his CDs. Was hard to explain him, but after 6 minutes he got it.

Below there are some pictures from Washington Square Park, with the “friday” pianist and a present for all the people who likes “The Big Lebowski



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