Irene is gone and today New York was so warm and sunny.

The subway was full working this morning and there aren’t any particular damages to the city. Probably some tree is fallen, but very few

What Irene left is water: lot of basements were flooded.
So probably today they shutdown fountains in parks. I guess. I hope.
Because I’m starting to hate rain, after two days of full raining and it’s summer: how is going to be autumn and winter?!

But the big problem here, after the hurricane, are flying shoes: pay attention to them because they are everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. A Bergen le appendevano così gli studenti che tornavano a casa dall’Erasmus. Era un modo per scaricare la valigia, visto che dopo 6 mesi di pioggia e neve erano ormai semi-distrutte e inutilizzabili…


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