This is the story of “hurricane”

Let’s talk about the Irene hurricane: to see which is the “path” of Irene take a look here, or here.

A screenshot of the current situation:

What is going to happend?

From tonight will rain a lot. And it will become very windy.
Probably wind speed will grow up to 70 km/h (39 mph) till Monday. Sunday night will be the worst time.

Are there many hurricanes in New York during the year?

As far as I know last one was in 1985.

Has been New York evacuated?

Probably in TV they’re talking about evacuation but as far as I know only these areas (red ones) have been evacuated. Also hospitals have been evacuated.

My location is on the green placeholder.

Update – 27/08 – 12:30
Updated the map according with the official NYC evacuation map.
Blue areas could be in danger (there are few possibilities) for the hurricane but could experience storm surge flooding from a moderate hurricane.

Is public transport available?

I know MTA will close subway starting from Saturday 2 p.m. and until with wind speed is 70 km/h will be closed.

What is required to do for this situation?

This is what recommended to me:

  • Buy food you can eat without cooking because electricity could be shutdown due the Hurricane. Expecially fruits, vegetables and cans (tuna, meat can… – that I forgot to buy)
  • Get more water as you can: I will fill all the bathtub and some bins.
  • Have a flash light and batteries.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Stay at home untill Monday.

Has been your arrive that gives to New York all this bad lucky?

I don’t know, but in case there are few calamities could come:

  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Apocalypse – oh no, this is for next year…

3 thoughts on “This is the story of “hurricane”

  1. “sfiga” is the best tag for this post. And you, as a movie nerd, should know that if a disaster movie is to be shot, it’s to be shot in NY. So also expect some alien invasion…


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