When I say “American coffee” I don’t want an Espresso!

Scenario: A user (like me) goes to Starbucks and ask for an “American coffee”

The user (call him Marco) ask for an American Coffee.
The casher print out an order for an Espresso.
The user (call him John this time) says he wants that “Caffè Americano” on the menù and translates it in english.
The casher esplains to the user (it’s John) they are different coffee…
The casher change the order.
The user (Marco) take his coffee and go away very sad.

I don’t know why American coffee and Caffè Americano (of course in the itanglish way…) are not the same coffee.

(this kind of explanation is expired by test tool I’m using for the project – “Cucumber”)

P.S. Thanks for free WiFi Starbucks!



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