Wizard of laundry!

After my Mac departure I had a replacement: now I have an old Mac ( G4 ) to work with.
I cannot do more what I was doing but trying to get some docs waiting for my Mac back.

But… but… I am looking forward and learned how to make grocery and clean clothes in laundry. I mean, I know that wasn’t impossible, but I didn’t think to learn housekeeping so fast…

So now I’m the wizard of laundry: this means that today I washed clothes with too much soap so the washing machine was full of soap. Nothing of bad, but I asked to the laundry staff if it was wrong… I didn’t see any cloth inside.

Also my cooking is getting better: yesterday I made an horrible carbonara. What was wrong was the sauce: probably because I don’t have any pecorino (and used the “parmesan”), any italian bacon (the one here is to fry) and maybe I didn’t mix enough eggs with cheese… Next time pesto. It is easier.
Instead of what you think I don’t use Barilla for pasta: during travel around Europe I tried and it was very bad to cook. Maybe they don’t export the same pasta we use in Italy.

But I found a good brand of pasta that taste good: you can figure it out that is not like pasta we have, but it is not bad. It’s called Luigi Vitelli: today I bought Fusilli they call “Rotini”.



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