Apple-ocalypse now!

Bad day this too.
Worst than the last one.

My Macbook Pro stops to work. In silence. Everything I did to make it rewake was useless.

Apple Support just tried to power on it and when it fails, said

AS: “You have to change ‘Logic board'”.

Ok I know I have to change it, but what is the problem?

AS: “I don’t know what is the problem in this case but changing the board will fix it”

Yes, I know. Change it is like buy a new laptop. And for 900$ I’ll buy a new one instead of fixing this!

So, today I’m going to buy a new one on the refurbished store. And keep my old Macbook Pro as paperholder for a while…

I had a try this morning going to an Apple affiliate and make tests by their own: it was the NVidia problem I had 2 years ago (under thesys that time too) and so they gave me a receipt where was written what was the problem they found.

This convinced Apple to give me a fix for free but it will take 7 business days.
It’s a lot of time but I keep my money. So that’s an happy ending… (I hope)

Will see next time



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