Cornflakes for dinner?

Yesterday I cooked too much pasta: it was tasty. Better, it was awesome!
But, because I’m a kindly person I’ve offered some to my roomate: he accepted, ate pasta and then… got some milk with cornflakes. I know it’s blasphemy.
But he told his doctor orderd him to eat cornflakes often during the day.
I’m pretty sure his doctor is not a real medicine doctor.

Pasta was just the end of an awful day: in the morning my Mac didn’t wake up. I mean it showed just black screen: calling the Apple Store I discovered it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day of the year. In Italy it could be impossible I believe. After 10 minutes there we fixed up without understand which was the problem. So the mistery is still around…

What else? Oh, yes. I went to the cinema. The show was “Capitan America: 3D”: I thought it’s the right movie to see as first here. 18$ for a ticket (mortacciloro).

There’s not a way to see how many places still remain: you just buy tickets and then go to the movie-hall and choose your seat. Like old cinemas in Italy. I thought to take some coke or pop-corn, but the smallest size of a box of anything is too big.

Half a liter of cola is not small size. So go straight to the hall.
I enjoined the show, maybe I don’t understand all dialogs. But I understand it wasn’t a musical. So, it’s a big step for my english.


2 pensieri su “Cornflakes for dinner?

  1. bravo Marcooo! porta un po di cultura culinaria in America! latte e cereali???? ma si può !?
    mmm e io che pensavo che il cinema fosse caro in italia! va bhe, mi raccomanto divertiti e aggiorna sempre il blog così saremo informati di quello che combini!!! byeeee

  2. I will.
    For cook: they have huge steaks! I bought one just because it was there.
    And it was saying “Catch me! catch me!”. I couldn’t resist: I caught it.


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