American cheese & cheddar ain’t the same?

Sometimes, when I get on the subway – not metro!, they have the “metrocard” but for subway, anyway – it happens to hit someone. I mean just a touch o something like this, is it possible thay always, yes always, apologize? It’s just a sorry, ok. But it’s weird.

My roomate decided to start to clean. Wow. But it will start tomorrow… mmm. Guessing why I don’t believe him.

Today I walked a while to take a picture of some of famous building in New York: obvisiouly the “Ghostbuster”‘s headquarter and the building of “Friends” TV-Show! What you were thinking? Empire State Building? Naaaaa…. too simple. I can see it from the lower side of Manhattan.

So, I made a map but I just switched the address of the two and walked for 30 minutes searching Ghostbuster’s building in Friends place and vice-versa. Wow, what a genius.
Tomorrow I will make a new try.

P.S. I made a photo of my first pasta dish in America, when I’ll download it from my camera I will post it.


2 thoughts on “American cheese & cheddar ain’t the same?

  1. Uhm, walking shooting at tv-serie locations? Yes, that’s you, with no doubt!
    However, you should check your pathfinding algorithms, I think. If I may suggest, consider the infamous “magyar algorithm” plus a “touch your nose” extra step.


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