Everybody iPhones!

This is a new episode from New York. Please sit down and read slowly, it’s for your safe.

Week ended and I learned some new stuff: how to use laundry without destroy clothes, how to cook without destroy the house and how to gently ask the roomate to stop download all the whole day without destroy him.
I’m not saying I’m a new man, but now I can do few things more than before.

In the week end I went to Ice Cream Island… sorry, Governor Island, because of free ferry: it was free on weekend, why don’t use it?!Nice island but there was bad weather so I didn’t get any tan. But walked for at least one hour, so I stopped from feeling guilty for chicken sandwitches on lunch. If you’re thinking one hour is not enough to eliminate all the bad I ate, don’t worry, I walked the noon too.
Yes, walked so long that Sunday I wasn’t able to walk any more.

But while walking I looked around and saw lot of people with iPhone: how can it’s possible that everybody here got an iPhone and nobody has a laundry at home? Everybody here prefers to go to the laundry shop rather than have a machine at home: I mean, an iPhone costs at least as a laundry machine and I think is far from the needing of a laundry, isn’t it?

But they’re americans, so they wrote an iPhone application for laundry and solved the problem I was thinking…


One thought on “Everybody iPhones!

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