I must confess: I ate Big Mac. But I was tired, I didn’t cook anything from home and my only will was to walk far and to eat something. McDonald’s was the store closer: just cross the street (try to not kill myself against a cab). Once inside Big Mac was the only one with nothing fried inside. I bought it.
I know tomorrow I will have an high level of choresterol, but trust me, eat that Big Mac was beautiful (after two days of my cooking).

I walked. For a least one hour: saw weird people, played chess, ate an ice cream (but wasn’t bad the Big Mac yet? Not at all).
Washington Park is a nice park to walk inside: a curiosity is that in this park there is a Garibaldi’s statue. In Italy is almost common to find a Garibaldi’s Statue or something about him everywhere. But here it’s New York you must admit it’s quite strange.

Walking in the park I decided to prove my powa with chess: I lost one match with a crazy man in 7 minutes. It took just 45 seconds to beat me and I took 4 minutes and a half to lose the match. And 5 $. But I enjoined it: it’s hard to find someone so crazy. Even in New York.

Another strange thing is that many people here have tatoos with mathematical equations signed: I mean, I saw people tatooed the Apple logo but they don’t give me this weird impression than mathematical tatoos…



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