Day two – The cleaning overflow

First of all: this is not a diary, I write when I want to. Don’t have any will to write every day.

The house when I stay is dirty. Trust me, american people don’t know when a house is dirty: you have to show them. Today I (one of the most lazy person in the world) cleaned the house because it seemed a pig’s house: really, it’s incredible. And the other said me he cleans every week. Maybe I took the wrong day of the week…

Hand clock this morning stops to do his job, so it has been 7:45 for whole day. Luckly I wake up when I listen the Alarm clock of the iPod: today I met the professor and I took all the stuff I need there. In front of the building I am there’s McDonalds and it’s awesome to know I can go to the lobby and take my hamburger in just few minutes…
Anyway everybody is friendly when he knows you’re an Italian: I don’t know why but the y say we are nice people. In fact American people is weird, so we can stay in another place than this.

I mean, it’s fantastic to be like you want to be, but sometimes it seems to be in a zoo. Nothing to scare about but just so many different things. And all together.

Maybe today I finished the metrocard credit so I have to take a new one. I guess the unlimited one for 100 dollars per month. I know is a scary price. But I need it (the card, not the price)…



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