Best Buy another day!

I taught electronics stuff costs less in States. Even less at Best Buy: grew up with this idea I went to the store to buy some chargers and a card reader for my camera. I won’t more.
But… there’s a but: these Americans always found a way to come back to them, in fact tomorrow there will be a live concert. Inside the Best Buy. Maybe I’ll go.

The weather here is a little bit bad: now is raining, before it was 30 C degree. People get weirder. Please if somebody has an explanation let me know, I will appreciate.

And more: I cooked and didn’t poisoned myself! It’s incredible, I did a very bad “frittata” (something like “eggs mixed up” or “omelette” like someone likes to say) with smoked sausages. I guessed it was bad. It was not. This could mean two things: I lost my taste or don’t cook so bad. Who knows?


2 thoughts on “Best Buy another day!

  1. maybe you should start cooking more often,,,more pratice you have better you get!!!!
    At the same time when you are abroad you loose your taste, everything tastes good but not compared with italian taste… careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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